Sunday, December 27, 2009

I f I knew this day will be my last, I will love my wife with all my love and help her in any way I can. Since she always says I too into pc and forget about her, I will drop everything in what I’m doing and help her immediately. I feel this will put her mind at ease and know that I do love her and put her in number one place. She does complain all the time that I never listen to her and interrupt her all the time. I will listen to her without commenting and all the attention that she is and will be the most important thing in my world. My sister also is

I do have to be grateful that I have my health and mind to enjoy all this and our country is at peace generally for me to be able to do all this and use my pc. So many people look at the negative side and forget to see the beauty of the morning it brings. The sunshine is so beautiful and air so fresh to breath, yes I am so alive that I can breath this fresh air. Thanks to my mom and dad so that I can live in peace and willing to share this burden when I need it most. I’m very thankful that my siblings is very cool and supportive with this brother of theirs which is not responsible at all. I’m glad I have them and will help them in any way that I can.

One thing that I can do to make today extraordinary is be more patient with everything that will happen since I know I do get irritated easily when things does not go my way and go in a tantrum or angry. The worst thing is the person that I love most and nearest to me will get hurt the most. I will let it go and think positive so that today will be a great day.

To make today incredibly fun, I will smile to all people and make them laugh. I’m sure something will come up so that I can do that. To see the little things that make our world so much fun and of course to contribute this fun myself to the world. There is so much fun around that I am only blind to it.

I can help someone by letting them go first in line. Drive slowly and donate food if a beggar comes by.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar & The Monk Who Sell His Ferrari

James Cameron 's movie Avatar really a great movie to be watched in don't miss it people and enjoy this great fantasy story...the only movie that I plan to watch 2nd time.

Now also reading Robin Sharman's The Monk Who Sell His Ferrari...a great book to be read by everyone...we are truly blessed to live in this age of Enlightment

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Accumulate Wealth?

Taken from :

1. Material Wealth and Progress

Four qualities that create material wealth and progress

Persistent effort

By whatever means one engages in to earn a living, he or she should be hardworking and not lazy. He or she should understand what needs to be done, learn how to do it properly, do it well, and also delegate work to others where appropriate.

Proper vigilance

Any wealth that has been legally and rightfully accumulated should be looked after properly. Assets should be protected from fraud or misappropriation and be well managed to avoid unnecessary taxation or improper confiscation by the state. Possessions should be well protected from being stolen or destroyed. Property should not be allowed to be squandered away by irresponsible family members.

Good company

One should associate with the right kind of friends. It does not matter whether they are young or old as long as they are virtuous, charitable and have wisdom and spirituality. In this way, he or she will be positively influenced and thus live in the right way.

Balanced livelihood

One should be aware of one’s income and expenses and live within one’s means. One should be neither extravagant nor miserly, and ensure that one’s income will be more than one’s expenses and not the other way round. Anyone who lives beyond their means will have many problems and soon go to ruin. At the other extreme, a miser who hoards his or her wealth will live an unhappy life and come to a wretched end.

Four factors leading to the loss of material wealth and progress

Debauchery and promiscuity

Frequent drinking and intoxication

Addiction to gambling

Associating with bad company

Four factors leading to the gain of material wealth and progress

Abstinence from debauchery and promiscuity

Abstinence from drinking and intoxication

Abstinence from gambling

Associating with good company

Imagine a great water tank with four inlets and four outlets. The four inlets are the four factors leading to gain, and the four outlets are the four factors leading to loss.

If the inlets are kept open and the outlets kept closed, the water supply will not decrease, even if there is no rain.

For the same great water tank, if the inlets are kept open and the outlets kept closed, if there is rain the water supply will surely increase.

Therefore, always avoid the four factors of loss, and always abide by the four factors of gain.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Anyone can go to Heaven. Just be Good

Learn of this book where its very small and thin which explain things in a easy manner. Just the kind of book that I like since thick books make feel sleepy. Read it at library at Hai Tao's place at Wisma Rampai. Anyone interested to find out more can check it out here since the content is the same. Thank you to the creator of the website since I didn't manage to finish it there.

It is about teaching of Buddhism that guide us how to act and think so that we can all go someplace good. I'm sure all of us basicly good inside, just hiding there if we aren't doing it already. Well happy practising good deeds and thoughts so that our world will be a better place and find ourselves heaven on earth.

Lets share this poem that I find so cool and good by our dear Abraham Lincoln :

"When I do good, I feel good.

When I do bad, I feel bad.

That's my religion."


Monday, December 14, 2009

Easy Fortune Happy Life TV Soundtrack (OST)

Really love this drama with its catchy songs and adore the lead actress.


01. 幸福藥草 (片頭曲) - 伍思凱 [Happy Herbs (Opening Theme Song) – Sky Wu]

02. 就要幸福了 (片尾曲) - 夏宇童 [Soon To Have Happiness (Ending Theme Song) – Rita Ma]

03. OAO - 快樂2世代 (OAO – Happy 2nd Generation)

04. 革命 - 范逸臣 (Revolution - Van Fan)

05. 幸福的翅膀 - 庭竹 (Wings Of Happiness – Jasmine Ting)

06. 離開悲傷 - 范逸臣 (Leaving The Sadness – Van Fan)

07. Han Bok Ha Se Yeo - 夏宇童 (Han Bok Ha Se Yeo – Rita Ma)

08. 抓包 - 六甲樂團 (Capture - Six Plus)

09. 魔鬼與天使 (配樂) [The Devil And The Angel (Instrumental)]

10. 天堂的愛情 (配樂) [Paradise Of Love (Instrumental)]

11. 幸運草 (配樂) [Lucky Grass (Instrumental)]

12. 轉角遇見幸福 (配樂) [Encounter Happiness At The Corner (Instrumental)]